Frozen Synapse Prime: Vita Patch 1.01- now live!

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know that we have implemented a few fixes for Frozen Synapse Prime to improve the experience on your PS Vita! See below for the list of updates:

  • Seasoned Veteran can now be unlocked across multiple sittings.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when playing the campaign in German.
  • Stopped ‘Dark’ matches appearing as ‘Light’ matches in the menus.
  • Fixed a number of issues that would change the outcome of previous turns.
  • Improved the speed of the UI.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Additional minor bug fixes.

The patch is currently live in Europe and the US and we’re expecting it to be live in Japan in the next couple of days.


The patch has now gone live in Japan as of October 16th – see below for Japanese notes:










Frozen Synapse Prime: Out now on the PlayStation Store!


Hi Folks,

The support for Frozen Synapse Prime has been awesome so far and we are thrilled to announce that the game is launching in America today and Europe tomorrow!

We’d like to share a more in-depth look at the gameplay, focusing on some of the more advanced strategies and touch controls.

FSP has been designed in a way that anyone can become a competitive or advanced player, with a ton of depth under the surface. The only limits are your own creativity and deviousness.

FSP isn’t about luck in regards to who will win in a fire-fight, it’s totally down to you and your tactics. If a unit on your squad gets shot you’ll know why, and how to adapt next time. But when you take out an enemy, you know that you were able to outwit them.




Aside for the commands and moves, victory is just as much about the mind-games between two players, and FSP inspires you to anticipate and deceive your opponent.

Read the Terrain – You can’t ‘learn’ the maps in FSP. There are an infinite number of procedurally generated battlefields, as well as the ability to customize your own. How much cover does the map offer you? How can you best utilize this with the strengths of your squad? 

Predict Your Opponents – Use the ability to assign plans to the enemy squad to answer those ‘what if’ scenarios. What if that grenadier tries to escapes his room? Or tries to toss a grenade out? Predict your opponent’s options and then eliminate them.


Work Together – All classes are balanced in FSP with varying strengths and weaknesses. Rocket Launchers can blow up walls but are vulnerable in close-quarters; use them to target rooms to create new routes for your other units, or flush the enemy out.

Advanced Commands

Quick plans with simple paths and aiming can get the job done, but adding extra layers with the more advanced commands will give you an edge.

Use Targeting to eliminate the biggest threats first, or target specific areas.



Use the Continue-on-Sight and Slide commands to fine-tune your paths and aiming, so units are not moving slower through the map when they don’t need to.

Use the Check command to move quickly through rooms, only glancing in specific areas. If there’s a threat your unit will engage, if not he’ll be able to cover ground quickly.


The integration of touch control in FSP and its evolution throughout development has been an interesting journey. We initially focused on only getting the camera controls onto the front touch screen, and progressing onto laying down the most common plans and paths players would use.

From there we really challenged ourselves to integrate full touch controls throughout the game, and designed a minimalist user-interface for Vita around that philosophy.

It’s quick and easy to lay down simple and affective plans with full touch controls, or a mix of both touch and button input, whatever you prefer.

Please check out all our other FSP vids on the blog and thanks for listening! As always feel free to follow @DoubleElevenLtd for the latest on Frozen Synapse Prime!

If you want to find out more about Frozen Synapse Prime, we’ve put together some tutorials to show you what to expect:

Frozen Synapse Prime: Basics

Frozen Synapse Prime: Multiplayer

Frozen Synapse Prime: Advanced Tactics

Goat Simulator is heading for XBox One!


Following unveiling during the Xbox news briefing at gamescom 2014, we, along with Coffee Stain Studios are delighted to announce that gamers will soon be able to embark on the adventure that is Goat Simulator on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, via the ID@Xbox self-publishing program!

We will of course honour the hilarious, unique and somewhat violent nature of Goat Simulator to ensure Xbox One owners get the ultimate goat experience. Players will be able to live the dream and cause as much destruction as an actual goat from the comfort of their couch. Live life as a goat and wreck the world around you; add some creativity to your destruction and you’ll rack up even more points! Goat Simulator’s charm comes in part from the bugs that were deliberately left in. Coffee Stain Studios, the original developers, fixed the crash-bugs but left everything else to ensure a well-rounded, realistic experience of life as a goat (with hilarious consequences).

Lee Hutchinson, CEO, “We’re delighted to be working with Coffee Stain. They’ve created something truly enjoyable and completely disruptive; we want to bring that to Xbox One.”

Anton Westbergh CEO, “Getting on Xbox One with the help of Double Eleven is really exciting. Everyone deserves a chance to goat around, and this is one step in the right direction!”

Follow @DoubleElevenLtd for more information!

Collaborating in the Cloud Chamber

Investigate North’s story-based MMO, Cloud Chamber, is ready for global launch this coming Thursday 7th August and we’re delighted to say to say we’ve had a part in it.

Investigate North partnered with us on the publishing side so that we could help expand Cloud Chamber’s sales potential by working with our amazing network of online distributors. As this was their first major title we were also able to support their last stage testing and release plans with our absolutely stellar quality assurance (QA) team and a little product consultancy.

One of the great things about working with creative developers is that their games come in all shapes and sizes. When we saw Investigate North’s “Massively multiplayer story game“, we realized they had invented an entirely new category of games. We’re proud to have been part of bringing this genuinely refreshing experience to market and look forward to seeing where this new direction for games can take us all.

We can’t wait to see it out, and it’s been a new and wonderful experience getting to this stage.

To celebrate their announcement of the release date, Investigate North has released a new launch trailer; you can watch it here.

Find out more about the game here


Frozen Synapse Coming Soon, Name Change and More!


We’re really pleased to announce that if you’ve got an itch for turn based strategy on Vita, you’ll only be scratching till this sometime fall! Frozen Synapse is coming to Vita exclusively in just a few short months, and there’s a host of other things to mention as well!

I’m pleased to officially say that the game you’ve known as Frozen Synapse: Tactics will now be known as Frozen Synapse Prime.

We originally chose to add “Tactics” to drop a very obvious hint of the turn based nature of the game. As well, for those who knew the game it was also an in reference to one of the game’s main characters. Looking at it today and applying some hindsight, after almost two years of development and original thinking we put into FS Prime, plus the three years Mode7 put into the original, award-winning game we hope that after almost five years of work this is the best edition!

Back in February, our design manager posted on how we’ve evolved FS into Prime, and talked about (amongst other things) how we’ve made it more intuitive. Still, we know Prime is a very deep tactical turn based game, so in the coming weeks we’re going to help you become better acquainted with it. In future blog posts we will be tutoring you through specifics of the game, combat system and the online modes.

Speaking of getting acquainted with the game, if you’re one of the lucky souls fortunate enough to attend Gamescom in Cologne this year, Prime will be available to play at Sony’s booth! You may even see our Design Manager there too!

Currently the game is in the final stages of testing; particularly we’re tweaking and balancing all the sounds in the game and checking through it all in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese. It’s a big task! The story in the campaign has the depth and size of a novel :)

That’s it for now folks, stay tuned to the blog or @FSTactics for more information!